After an Easter truce campaigning is back on in earnest for the major political parties. The Coalition is wooing small business, and Labor plans to divert billions of dollars into new projects.

Brigitte O’Brien reports.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison is making his first visit of the campaign to Adelaide.

He’s promising that a Coalition government would create two hundred and fifty thousand new small and family businesses in five years.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “One hundred million dollars which will grow to a billion working with other financial institutions to invest in small and family business.”

The latest survey shows that Clive Palmers United Australia Party could win some seats. He’s believed to be spending more than 30 million dollars on the election.

And Scott Morrison is refusing to rule out a preference deal with the Party.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “Pre-poll will start next week and this is the time when you have discussions with numerous parties.”

Labor leader, Bill Shorten has been campaigning in two Queensland marginal seats zeroing in on industrial relations.

He has pledged to scrap a controversial five billion dollar Northern Australia Infrastructure fund, and put the money into gas exploration and supply.

Labor would also allocate one billion dollars to tourism and indigenous projects.

In the midst of the campaigning frenzy the Prime Minister is urging Australians to play their part.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “People’s votes matter. Your vote matters. Your vote can determine where this election goes.”

The election is now just over three weeks away.

Brigitte O’Brien, QUT News.