Police are urging motorists to take it easy over the Easter break, after a fatal crash in Toowoomba this morning. The RACQ says drivers should “pack their patience” as major highways are bought to a standstill.

Hannah Donnelly reports.


A tragic beginning to the Easter long weekend.

A woman killed in a two-car accident in Toowoomba this morning.

With two other men taken to hospital.

The incident a stark reminder for drivers to remain vigilant during this increasingly busy time.

Mark Ryan, Police Minister: “Traffic accidents do have tragic and fatal outcomes when people make bad decisions. Our heart goes out to all of them that knew this lady and we of course keep her in our thoughts.”

Drivers are being urged to take it easy with heavy traffic expected to cause major delays.

Rebecca Michael, RACQ Head of Public Policy: “Pack your patience. You know it’s going to take some time. So make sure you allow plenty of travel time and to minimise that frustration.”

This long weekend is often notorious for road fatalities. Police warn road users that they are out in force.

Police hoping to avoid another tragedy this weekend.

Mark Ryan, Police Minister: “There are very simply messages and we want all Queenslanders to take heed of these messages.”

Hannah Donnelly, QUT News.