Good news for consumers of natural gas. You now have a guaranteed supply which is only for sale, right here in Australia.

Liam Lo Grande reports.


It’s a Queensland and Australian first.

Gas acquired exclusively for local customers.

Our energy Minister is celebrating.

Anthony Lynham, Queensland Energy Minister:” We’re here today because Senex and CSR have joined together for a fantastic initiative to have gas supporting Queensland manufacturing jobs.”

The contract between the two companies will create more than 200 jobs.

Anthony Lynham, Queensland Energy Minister: “We acted early and we acted with strength to make sure we’re not only securing Queensland jobs, but we’re developing more Queensland jobs.”

A question on the minds of many is how these initiatives will affect gas prices, as Queensland is known for having the highest rates of any states in the country.

The introduction of more gas into the market will relieve concerns about a gas shortage, and reduce costs.

Ian Davies, Senex Managing Director: “The government’s new policy of bringing new supply is helping the east coast gas market, we all know there have been issues on the east coast. This is a direct contribution to bring more supply into the market.”

CSR will use the new gas supplies in its three south east Qld manufacturing plants.

Liam Lo Grande, QUT News.