Australia’s leaders are getting down and dirty on the campaign trails. They are attacking each other over taxes.

Laura Lavelle reports.


The Prime Minister has his sights set on reclaiming Tasmanian seats.

And he’s willing to get his hands dirty for it.

The PM has pledged $100-million dollars for irrigation systems if re-elected.

And, he’s hit out at Labor over what he says is a Super tax.

Scott Morrison Prime Minister: “So they are either being dishonest or sneaky or they’re just clueless.”

Meanwhile, Bill Shorten is in Perth, hoping to snatch the seat of Hasluck.

The opposition leader has promised twenty-million dollars for blood cancer patients.

His “right to trial’ program making potentially life-saving trial drugs more accessible.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “I don’t want to see other people die when we could have prevented it.”

But both leaders face being overshadowed by a backbencher.

George Christensen, sometimes referred to as the Minister for Manila, has been criticised over his travel expenses.

It’s said he claimed nearly three thousand dollars of taxpayers money.

Jim Chalmers, Labor MP: “‘Jet Set George’ has a lot of explaining to do today.”

Laura Lavelle, QUT News.