The Broncos are under pressure to turn around their poor start to the season and they want to begin that in Sunday’s clash against the Raiders.

Beatriz Alonso reports.


The Bronco’s haven’t had a season like this before.

They are more used to winning ratios of 4 to 1 but this year the tables have been turned.

And they’ve started dropping stars.

Matt Lodge is out for Sunday, an opportunity for younger players.

Joe Ofahengaue, Bronco’s player: “It’s exciting because a lot of us are younger players and get to play more minutes.”

Last week the Broncos had the worst game of the season, losing 22-16 to the Tigers.

Many have criticised the lack of confidence in the team.

Darius Boyd, Broncos captain: “Obviously there’s a lot of criticism about last week. So, we gotta make sure we get it right because we don’t want that position again.”

New trainer Anthony Seibold has taken a different training approach, and the team is working harder at training.

James Roberts also returned to training after two weeks off injured.

Joe Ofahengaue, Broncos player: “It’s good to see him running around again. obviously, put the footy back. I don’t know how far he is though. Hopefully, have him back soon.”

James Roberts has been named in the squad, but will be given until game day to prove his fitness.

The Raiders have been concentrating on defence, and are third on the ladder.

Sunday will be crucial for both teams.

Beatriz Alonso, QUT News.