The Brisbane Lions are packing out the Gabba for the first time since 2010. Following early season wins very few tickets remain for their Easter Thursday blockbuster against Collingwood.

Dom Fay reports.


Three wins already and sitting in the top four.

The Lions are roaring for the first time in a decade.

Hundreds of fans turned out for training ahead of the clash with the Magpies.

Hugh McCluggage, Lions Midfielder: “It’s good to see the turnout here today. I haven’t seen an open session like this for a long time, well since I’ve been here and I think the other boys here said that they haven’t really seen anything like it.”

It’s been a miserable nine years at the Gabba crowds dipping to ten thousand at the club’s lowest.

But those days are a distant memory now.

Chris Fagan, Lions Coach: “I think there’s only sort of single tickets or something like that available. I’m not a ticketing expert but that’s what I’ve been told.”

2010 was the last time the Lions had a Gabba sellout. Of that team, only defender Daniel Rich remains.

Some fans are too young to remember.

It’s new territory, even for the skipper.

Dayne Zorko, Lions Captain: “I think my first game against Collingwood was not quite thirty thousand. So this one will well exceed that, so yeah really looking forward to it.”

The seats behind me have been closed off at Lions games for a number of years due to poor crowds.

Not tomorrow night though. Every seat will be filled.

A winning team, an old rival, and a packed out ground.

The perfect recipe for a blockbuster.

Dom Fay, QUT News.