An unseasonal heat wave in Victoria has sparked a fire emergency. Authorities are warning people to take extra care across the Easter weekend.

Dom Fay reports.


Victoria’s heat and high winds spell danger.

The mercury hit a top of around 30 degrees, yesterday and today.

Jonathan How, Bureau of Meteorology: “If you’re in Melbourne you feel like it’s an extension of summer, you’re definitely not wrong. Yesterday, when we got over 30 degrees, which is only the third time in ten years that’s happened in April.”

This fire in the Mount Clear area came perilously close to homes.

Constantly changing winds making the job tougher for firefighters.

Resident: “Police came along and said evacuate.”

With the Easter break ahead, campers and holiday-makers are being warned to take extra precautions particularly with lighting campfires.

The town of Ballarat remains on high alert, with residents forced to defend their homes when a bushfire roared towards properties.

Meantime, in the Adelaide Hills around 100 firefighters are battling an out of control blaze.

Residents have been advised to leave the area, until the emergency is over.

Dom Fay, QUT News.