Now a bright light during a dark period for sick kids. They’ve enjoyed a little fun with the Easter bunny and chocolates galore.

Shelley Cheng reports.


Police rushing on an important mission, no disaster, just joy.

They’re bringing Easter to the Children’s hospital and they quickly got the attention of the Kids they’d come to cheer up.

The Easter bunny sparked excitement and cute dance moves.

Tammy Clarke, Mother: “Things like that just really help ease the pain of the tough days we’ve had.”

The police run is sponsored by hair guru Stefan and his Make a Sick Kid Smile Foundation.

Thoughtfulness born of experience and concern.

Stefan, MASKS Foundation: “I have a son. He was in hospital one time, whenever we took toys or chocolates, there was no pain. When we went with no gifts, there was pain.”

The Queensland Children’s hospital treats over 97,000 kids a year.

MASKS brings the community together every Easter and Christmas, to put smiles on everyone’s faces.

The Bunny has left plenty of chocolate to share with friends and family.

Vox 1: “Very, very excited.”

Perhaps the nurses might be even get some too.

Police have been delivering the Easter Eggs now for 19 years.

Vaughan Carman, Senior Constable: “When they’re in this situation, when they’re not feeling the best, the police or just some distraction coming into their life, it just makes their life – it just gives them a break basically.’

It’s a tradition of giving from the heart in true Easter fashion.

Shelley Cheng, QUT News.