Police are investigating the fatal shooting of a Brisbane doctor. He was killed in the garage of his own home at MacGregor by a gunman who is on the run.

Brigitte O’Brien reports.


Police were called to a quiet Delfin Drive address just before midnight.

A 56 year old man lay, shot in the chest, beside his vehicle.

The man, a local GP, and his family were well liked within the Chinese community.

Acting Det. Insp. Steven McCartney/Qld Police: “They’re professional members of the community; they dedicate their time to helping people, and this is just a tragic event that has occurred.”

Locals are stunned by events.

Jessie Tong, Neighbour: “I have no idea how something like this could happen to such a, just such a happy family.”

Last night though, was every family’s nightmare.

The man’s wife who’s also a doctor and his two daughters, also studying medicine rushed to his aid but struggled to keep him alive before emergency services arrived.

The 56 year old was critical by the time he arrived at PA Hospital. He died soon after.

Police are now looking for this car.

Acting Detective Inspector Steven McCartney/Qld Police: “A small light coloured sedan or hatchback leaving the scene shortly after the incident.”

At this stage police believe they’re looking for a single male offender.

But haven’t discounted more people were involved in the crime.

Acting Detective Inspector Steven McCartney/Qld Police: “Members of the community should be concerned about but be comforted in the fact that the QPS is spending a lot of resources in identifying who is responsible for this.”

They’re calling for anyone with CCTV or dash-cam footage to come forward to catch a killer.

Brigitte O’Brien, QUT News.