There’s no let up in the intensity of the Federal election campaign. Both of the major parties are targeting marginal seats and talking health and funding.

Beatriz Alonso reports.


Scott Morrison has fronted voters in a town hall style forum in Victoria, as he tries to shore up support in marginal seats.

And he’s once again attacked Labor’s tax plans particular those relating to share dividends.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “What I know is that every time Bill Shorten runs out of money in his own wallet he come after the money in yours.”

The coalition is committing two billion dollars to build a fast train from Geelong to Melbourne.

And it’s offering income tax cuts for everyone.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “That’s why we provide tax relief for Australians over the next decade. Not just now.”

But to do it, some experts warn the government will have to cut spending in other areas and the Labor party has been quick to use those claim to its advantage.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “The secret’s out. This is a Government with secret cuts to spending in its budget to fund its promises on the never never for tax cuts.”

For his part, Bill Shorten promises a 2.3 billion dollar injection into health care.

The Health Plan will include free blood tests for cancer patients and older Australians.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “I think that cancer makes us sick but it shouldn’t make you poor.”

Both Leaders will have their first debate of the Federal Election in Perth in about a fortnight.

Beatriz Alonso, QUT News.