Shocking video of a carjacking and chase through Melbourne has been played in court. It shows the moment the car’s owner and bystanders tried to fight back.

Liam Lo Grande reports.


Parked in a suburban street she never saw this coming, a man holding a gun, ambushes the woman as she sits in her Red Jaguar.

Video Voice Over: “He is pulling the driver out.”

Bystanders try to help, but the situation only escalates.

Vidoe Voice Over: “Got people trying to assist. The gun is on the road. He’s got the gun back.”

That man is Patrick McMillan.

He throws the woman to the ground and speeds away.

What follows, is a chase through Melbourne.

Speeding across the emergency lane of a freeway.

Video Voice Over: “Estimate speed to be 150 plus.”

Stealing another vehicle in the carpark of a shopping centre.

Before racing against the traffic.

Video Voice Over: “Going on the wrong side of the road again.”

McMillian was arrested later that day and pleaded to guilty to 17 charges in court last Tuesday.

The November 2017 incident followed a four week drug binge.

McMillian reportedly had a history of Ice addiction but now awaits sentencing from behind bars.

Liam Lo Grande, QUT News.