Queenslanders are facing two distinct health issues this year.

Flu and measles outbreaks are already worrying doctors.

Laura Lavelle reports.


With winter fast approaching, Australian’s are bunkering down for a nasty flu season.

But we are also facing an outbreak of measles.

There’ve already been 12 cases this year compared to fourteen for the whole of last year.

Doctor Jonathan Malo: “This serves as a timely reminder for everyone to check their vaccination status, make sure they’ve had two documented doses of measles, mumps and reubella.”

There is currently no effective treatment for measles and for some, it can be deadly.

Paula Pinkriangkrai: “A lot of people get vaccinated when they are kids. So, a lot of the time we need a booster shot to keep up with the immunity level.”

And the doctor says that not vaccinating could put others in danger.

Paula Pinkriangkrai: “If people don’t get vaccinated, they are not protected, and if they are not protected, they spread.”

And they say don’t forget the flu shot as well.

Authorities say the need for vaccination is more important now than ever. The number of confirmed cases has tripled. So far, 30,000 people have been diagnosed this year alone.

The elderly, pregnant women, and those chronically ill are advised to get a vaccination now. And its free.

Laura Lavelle, QUT News.