The traditional Easter road blitz is just around the corner.

Police warn they will show no mercy to those speeding, and urge them to watch a new dash cam initiative.

Brigitte O’Brien reports.


Queensland has launched a world first campaign with the help of neuroscientist Doctor Lucia Kelleher in a bid to tackle the serious issue of speeding.

Mark Bailey, Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister: “I think it’s a great campaign and, and, we’ve got to get people to understand, you know, even a small k above the limit, ah, can be really dangerous.”

The government wants drivers to watch real life situations on a departmental website.

They hope it will encourage them to slow down.

Mark Bailey, Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister: “So we are using real people in real scenarios just to show, um, you know how, how, ah, the situation can occur, so people can relate to it.”

The Transport Minister is adamant there is no such thing as safe speeding, and wants to get that message out.

Mark Bailey, Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister: “We want Easter to be a joyous, wonderful, memorable Easter, not one that, ah, you know, ah, is a tragedy that people never forget for all the wrong reasons.”

Queenslanders are warned that the crack down over Easter 2019 will be one of the toughest ever.

Mark Ryan, Queensland Police Minister: “The commissioner was very clear with his message to the people of Queensland and that is police will be out in force, ah, police will be enforcing the road rules, and the commissioner makes no apologies, ah, for issuing infringements to people who don’t follow road rules. They’re there for a reason and that reason is to ensure people drive safely on our roads.”

Over last years easter long weekend, Queensland roads saw four fatal crashes and 102 people hospitalised.

It’s hoped that these driving experiments will help drivers break their autopilot mode, instead focusing on their speed.

Brigitte O’Brien QUT News.