Australia’s major political parties have received a pre-election boost with support for One Nation waning.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten are now trying to bolster support in Victoria.

Shelley Cheng reports.


The Prime Minister arrived in Deakin ready to get his hands dirty.

New polling shows Scott Morrison remains in the driver’s seat as preferred PM.

While his opponent Bill Shorten hit the Westgate Tunnel construction site to win over workers.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “Remember the Labor Party thinks you should keep your penalty rates.”

Both their parties now share thirty nine per cent of primary votes.

And that’s because One Nation has slumped to four per cent triggered by Pauline Hanson’s gun lobby controversy.

With preferences though, Labor still leads with fifty two per cent to the Coalition’s forty eight.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “It’s pretty clear: if you can’t manage money as the Labor Party can’t, then you can’t run the country.”

Meanwhile, United Australia’s Clive Palmer has finally promised to pay back workers after his nickel plant collapsed.

Clive Palmer, United Australia Party: “Townsville’s certainly been doing it tough and difficult since the floods and we want to look forward rather than backwards.”

A sentiment shared by all sides As the election draws nearer.

Shelley Cheng, QUT News.