US golfer, Tiger Woods, has made a sensational comeback, taking out the twenty nineteen Masters.

It’s his first title in eleven years.

Meanwhile in Rugby League one of the greats has retired.

Dom Fay reports.


For club, Queensland and country.

For more than decade, his mere presence sent opponents into a panic.

But today Greg Inglis said goodbye to a game he’s given so much to.

Greg Inglis, Retiring Player: “32 years old now and you know my body hasn’t given up on me but you know I think it’s time for me and it’s the right decision for myself.”

A serious shoulder injury cutting short the career of a Queensland great.

The South Sydney captain calling it quits.

Two years shy of his planned retirement.

For the Maroons – he was a talisman.

18 tries in 32 appearances.

The greatest try scorer in the state’s history.

And at times, simply unstoppable.

Kevin Walters, Qld Origin Coach: “He’s a once in a generation player and we’ve got to find somone who can fill that jersey and fill it to the best of their ability.”

While G.I’s immediate future remains with the Rabbitohs as a club ambassador.

In the AFL, the Suns continue to rise.

Another thriller at Carrara on Sunday afternoon saw the young side edge Carlton by two points.

Brendon Bolton, Carlton coach: “It leaves us frustrated and really determined and also hurting, probably the summary of the three main emotions right now.”

Dom Fay, QUT News.