With more people turning away from meat and animal products supermarkets are beginning to change some staples.

This Easter they’re offering new styles of chocolate.

Georgie Hewson reports.


Woolworths, Coles, Aldi and other supermarkets around Australia are offering a new-take on the traditional chocolate Easter egg.

The growing popularity of veganism means this Easter, consumers are demanding more dairy-free treats.

Madeleine Mckenzie, Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse: “I would definitely say since I started working here five years ago there’s been a huge increase. We’ve had a lot of people coming in and asking for them.”

While mass-produced traditional eggs are still the favourite, some chocolate fans are open to trying the healthier alternative.

Voxpop 1: “I’ll try it. Yeah I’d give anything a go.”

Voxpop 2: “If it tastes like chocolate, who cares really.”

Voxpop 3: “I would consider it yeah, it it’s a healthier option for kids.”

Others, are not so convinced.

Voxpop 4: “I wouldn’t even consider buying a non-dairy easter egg.”

But there is a small controversy.

Is dairy free chocolate really chocolate?

Madeleine Mckenzie, Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse: “I do believe they are still chocolate cause they’ve got a percentage of cocoa in it but when you think about the traditional easter egg it definitely strays away.”

For those with allergies and dietary requirements though, it means a more inclusive Easter break.

Voxpop 5: “I think it’s great that those options are available but I probably don’t really look at them myself, but am glad they’re available for other people.”

It seems there are now options to accommodate all chocolate lovers.

And remember, there’s only six sleeps until the Easter Bunny arrives.

Georgie Hewson, QUT News.