The Journalism reporting team. Left to right: Tim Shepherd, Mikaela Southey, Angela Romano Marisa Kuhlewein, Max Eagles, Gracie Richter, Lauren Reddiex, Amy Hinchliffe, Hannah Orr, Eden Boyd, Georgie Hewson, Laura Daly, Jack Jones, Alice Leggett, Aoife Scales, Chelsea Cosgrove and Ann Lund.

In November 2018 a student team of reporters went to Indonesia to file special reports on issues relating to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals and tourism pollution and its impacts in Bali.

In Jakarta they teamed up with students from Universitas Pelita Harapan to pitch their story ideas to

Some of the stories have already been published.

We also took a trip to the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, as the students were able to do this trip supported by the Australian Federal Government’s New Colombo Plan.

But the one thing we probably talked about most in Jakarta was the traffic…

Jakarta traffic is legendary!
Hear what the students had to say about the traffic…

We were also lucky enough to be invited to the ABC’s office in Jakarta by Indonesian correspondent Anne Barker.

But it wasn’t all hard work…

The final leg of the trip was to Bali where the students investigated the various impacts of tourism on the island, including plastic pollution and water usage and over consumption and the effect that’s having on local farmers and businesses.

Rubbish piled high on Legian Beach, Bali.

Some of us also went to visit the memorial wall at Kuta which commemorates the 202 victims of the 2002 bombings.

The memorial to the 202 victims built on the original site of Paddy’s Bar.
The team on our final night in Bali.