Malcolm Turnbull’s son has spoken out against the Liberal party. He’s called on voters to record a ‘protest’ in the by-election for his father’s former seat.

Josh Stengert reports.


In an online video, Alex Turnbull called on voters to send a ‘clear message’ in the Wentworth by-election, by minimising the Government’s chances of victory.

Alex Turnbull, Malcolm Turnbull’s Son: “The Liberal party has been taken over, frankly by extremists on the hard-right. They just want to pursue a crazy agenda.”

Alex also took aim at the Government’s stance on climate change and their support of coal power over renewables.

Alex Turnbull, Malcolm Turnbull’s Son: “Some would like to prosecute a cultural war over this issue for whatever their reasons may be.”

The Prime Minister is unphased by the attack chalking it up to good parenting.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “Alex is his own man, that’s how Malcolm’s raised his kids. Malcolm’s a great dad.”

And Mr Morrison says the former PM disagrees with his son.

Claiming Mr Turnbull’s openly supporting the Liberal candidate in the seat.

If the Libs lose Wentworth, the Government loses its one seat majority in the Parliament.

Josh Stengert, QUT News.