Super-cell storms and tornadoes have left a 300-kilometre trail of destruction across parts of South East Queensland. An intense vortex of wind, rain, and ice ripped through the South Burnett late yesterday and there was heartbreak during today’s massive cleanup effort. A young boy is now fighting for life in Queensland Children’s Hospital. The youngster was crushed by a large falling tree in a storm-ravaged region.

Laura Daly reports.


It’s been called “hail-nado” winds up to 90 kilometres an hour ripping trees from the ground as heavy hail caused widespread destruction.

Three super-cells wreaked havoc on the South Burnett region with Gympie bearing the brunt of the damage.

Debris is seen flying through the air as the wind and rain caused severe structural damage tearing roofs from houses.

Paddocks looked like snow fields blanketed with hailstones, some the size of tennis balls.

One farm lost $40,000 worth of lettuce crops in an hour.

Vox pop: “Obviously you need an income to do that and there’s nothing left to make an income from.”

Lightning caused extensive power outages throughout the region.

Thousands of homes remain without power.

The State Emergency Service has received 330 calls for help 160 of those were from Gympie.

The damage bill is expected to run into the millions of dollars, but, it’s not over yet for the South East.

The bureau says there are more storms on the way this weekend.

Laura Daly, QUT News.