This weekend, Brisbane’s newest and currently tallest building will open its doors for a rare public viewing. The 91-storey behemoth will be Australia’s largest residential building.

Liam Kennedy reports.


It’s Brisbane’s top address from the 88th floor, this extraordinary view stretches to Moreton Bay, the Port of Brisbane, as far as the eye can see.

The giant skyscraper will be home to more than 2,000 apartments from one bedroom studios to luxury penthouses.

It’ll be hard to top Skytower.

Rick Graf, Developing Director Billbergia Group: “Brisbane CBD has a maximum height limit, which is 274.3 metres. We are at 274.3 metres.”

The tower’s innovative design means the building will not sway in the wind as many tall structures do.

Noel Robinson, Principal Noel Robinson Architects: “The building doesn’t sway in terms of its design. Because it’s got curved corners and the vortex shedding goes past it.”

You can inspect for yourself.

Skytower is open this weekend, as part of the Brisbane Open House festival.

More than 100 historic and architecturally diverse buildings will be opened up to the public this weekend.

You’ll have to get in quick, many tours are already booked out.

Many other cultural icons will also have their doors open.

The newly refurbished, now state of the art Queensland Theatre in South Brisbane is expecting to draw big crowds.

Amanda Jolly, Queensland Theatre: “As part of open house what we will be doing is inviting the public to come in and self tour through the theatre.”

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