Grade 12 students right across the country are counting down their last few weeks of school. The Queensland Government is almost as busy with preparations well underway for a safer season of Schoolies celebrations.

Anna Graham reports.


It’s an exciting time for Year 12s, but a stressful one for parents and carers as Schoolies preparations begin.

Luke Crowley, Student: “I’m very excited because it’s a chance for me to celebrate actually having graduated from school.”

The State Government is hoping to curb notorious Schoolies behaviour this year, simply by talking to as many students as they can in the next few weeks.

Di Farmer, Child Safety and Youth Minister: “We want them to have fun, this is a really memorable time for them but we want them to come home safely and that’s why we are having these sessions to train them on a whole lot of issues.”

It’s hoped better education will effectively lead to better choices.

Angela Driscoll, Welfare Coordinator, Gold Coast Youth Services: “It does really seem to catch their attention to think about themselves, to think about where they’re up to in their lives, and what they want from schoolies.”

Last year, dozens of young party-goers were arrested on the Gold Coast alone.

Schoolies organisers are planning a huge range of activities to keep graduates busy and out of trouble, they’re hopeful teenagers will listen to the messages and think about their behaviour.

Schoolies begins in Queensland on the 17th of November with plenty of scope for good fun, in a safe environment.

Tony Tatkovich, Acting Sergeant Queensland Police Service: “Infrastructure that they have now and all the safety measures that they have in place, it certainly is probably the best it’s ever been.”

Anna Graham, QUT News.