South-East Queensland get ready to brace for more heavy storms. The Bureau issued a top priority warning this afternoon as a line of storms moved in, stretching across two states. Last night, a man died as electrical storms lashed the same area.

Liam Kennedy reports.


When it comes to weather, what a difference a few hours can make.

Today, Brisbane went from sunny skies to black clouds and rain and the Bureau says it’s just the start.

The onset of rain has seen a dramatic drop in temperatures too.

Yesterday’s top temperature nose-dived by eight degrees. At 1pm today, the mercury had only reached 19 degrees.

And the bureau says, those temps will remain in the low twenties at least until the start of next week.

Just days ago, a public safety awareness campaign was launched.

Cameron Dick, Ambulance Services Minister: “Get ready and be prepared, we can stay safe this summer storm season.”

What no one could have anticipated was that the season would start days later, in the middle of Spring.

Overnight, thunder and lightning lit up the skies, as high winds ripped up the coastline for several hours.

Northern New South Wales and southern fringes of the Gold Coast felt the brunt.

Near Byron Bay, a man died when a tree fell on his cabin.

And at Mullumbimby, eighty-nine millimetres of rain fell, in just half an hour.

Liam Kennedy QUT News.