The sport of boxing is undergoing a major revival, with new clubs popping up all over the state. Now, university students in Brisbane are jumping into the ring to stay fit and healthy and, to de-stress.

Georgie Hewson reports.


It’s only a year old, but the QUT Boxing Club is going from strength to strength.

Inspired by Brisbane’s world champion fighter Jeff Horn, the club’s young founders decided to share the sport they’re passionate about.

Niko Malalis, Vice President: “I think there’s something about two men going at it, showing heart in the ring that’s very pleasing for the crowd.”

The club has over 150 student members, training in a park at the Gardens Point campus hosting a mix of social and competitive fights throughout the year.

Meem Reza, President: “I think a lot of females too are getting into boxing as a very mainstream fitness activity.”

Women are just as keen as men to get into the ring.

Maddison Tickner, Boxer: “A really empowering sport to do as a woman.”

Competitors are preparing for a ‘fight night’ against other Brisbane universities, UQ and Griffith.

They’re hoping to gain more exposure and funding.

Fight Night will be held on the 20th of October at Eastside Gym in West end. And with exams coming up, students are encouraged to join in, and have a go.

Maddison Tickner, Boxer: “Punching a bag helps releive a lot of stress.”

Georgie Hewson, QUT News.