Parts of South East Queensland have been pummelled by heavy rain and hail and there’s more to come. Residents are being warned to prepare for the upcoming storm season.

Bridget Nagel reports.


Justin Agostinelli, Beerwah Strawberry Farmer: “We were just starting to get back in the green after the needle incident so.”

Trees came crashing down in Nambour late yesterday with strong winds smashing the Sunshine Coast as a line of storms travelled east.

It came as a major blow to local strawberry farmers only just recovering from the contamination scandal.

With a wet October predicted by the Weather Bureau the RACQ is reminding homeowners to have a storm plan.

Kirsty Clinton, RACQ Spokesperson: “The best advice is move your car under cover if you can. Ideally not under a tree because this can cause more damage. Also look in your backyard at any loose items any maybe glass top tables, move them undercover or tie them down.”

An RACQ study shows only 26% of Queenslanders would take any preventative action at all, if a hail storm was coming their way, and for insurers that’s extremely concerning.

Kirsty Clinton, RACQ Spokesperson: “Insurance is there to help you replace your damaged property or fix it, but it is still inconvenient. And people will have to pay an excess, so to avoid yourself that trouble, and outlaying that money try and protect your property and keep it safe, and it will just make things easier in the long run.”

The RSPCA is also reminding pet owners to keep animals safe during the wet season.

Michael Beatty, RSPCA Media & Community Advisor: “So preferably leave them inside perhaps leave a radio on, surround them by sort of toys and bedding that they’re used to and try to keep them calm.”

With a stormy weekend ahead, residents should perhaps just stay indoors.

Bridget Nagel, QUT News.