A shark has mauled a man while he was fishing off the coast of Rockhampton. It’s the third attack in Queensland in as many weeks.

Manille Lumayag reports.


The 55-year-old fisherman is in good spirits despite being bitten on the shoulder as he tried to pull the shark into his boat late yesterday afternoon.

Ian Hanson, Fisherman: “Mozzie thought he could bloody wrangle it in the boat and he slipped out over the side and yeah Mozzie went over the side the shark grabbed hold the top of his arm.”

The victim stayed on his boat overnight reaching the mainland this morning.

Paramedics took him to hospital in a stable condition.

Meanwhile on the Gold Coast, rescuers freed a whale calf trapped in a net off Coolangatta.

Seaworld and marine authorities spent two hours untangling the whale’s tail as an adult, possibly its parent, stayed nearby until the baby was freed.

The pair swam off together heading south, once more.

Manille Lumayag, QUT News.