Parents in Brisbane’s CBD have more childcare options than ever. A new daycare centre has just opened on George Street. The extra places on offer are helping drive down prices for city Mums and Dads.

Leanne Nebe reports.


From chess club, to yoga classes, haircuts to dental check-ups, Little Scholars Child Care in the heart of the Brisbane CBD has been dubbed a one-stop shop for busy working families.

Ricky-Lee Glasson, Centre Manager, Little Scholars George St: “For us in the city, we want to make it as easy as possible for the parents. We know they’re really time poor, and for the drop offs and the pickups, we want to make it as smooth as possible.”

The centre owner says it’s a competitive industry but the family-owned facility is determined to create special experiences for children and their families.

Jae Fraser, Owner of Little Scholars: “In comparison to other services in the CBD, we’re not even the most expensive service, and you know, I guess the point is that we wanted a place for children, so offering all those services is just part of our programs.”

Inner-city childcare centres offer convenience and flexibility for parents who work in the CBD but don’t necessarily live there.

It’s also more affordable than ever.

Vanessa Da Silva-Rego, Parent: “The only difference is maybe like a few, like $20 so not a massive difference, but to be able to have them so close it’s worth it anyway.”

This new centre offers affordable and convenient child-care, close to where parents work.

But with increased competition in the CBD, families hope prices will continue to fall.

Leanne Nebe, QUT News.