School kids across Queensland got their hands dirty today. All in the name of saving our environment. They were planting trees in recognition of Arbor Day.

Josh Stengert reports.


More than half the world’s trees have been cut down since we first learnt to wield an axe.

Arbor Day was started to fight the effects of tree clearing and sow seeds for a greener future.

The annual day lives on working to fight the effects of increased temperatures following Brisbane’s second warmest winter on record.

Peter Mumford, Arbor Operations Owner: “We’ve lost a lot of trees in our urban regions and we are taking the opportunity through Arbor Day to plant trees to offset the effects of global warming and reduce our temperatures.”

Right around Queensland schools have picked up the challenge and thousands of kids were out planting trees.

Students at Sherwood State School have been taking part in Arbor Day for several decades.

Daniel Miller, Sherwood State School: “Trees are the reason we’re alive cause they produce the oxygen we need to breathe.”

Trees planted today will grow to provide shade and oxygen for future generations.

With Australia’s population set to more than double in the next 30 years there’s mounting pressure to preserve and replenish trees.

Organisers hope more Queensland schools will join the campaign.

Millions of trees have been planted across the state since the day was first observed in 1890.

Josh Stengert, QUT News.