There is alarming new data on the levels of distress amongst young Australians. One in three young people admit to high levels of psychological distress.

Aleesha Buckby reports.


Health group, Headspace, released the data as part of National Mental Health Week.

Thirty-two per cent of Australians, aged 12 to 25 are reporting high levels of psychological distress.

That’s triple what was reported a decade earlier.

The research also reveals 18 to 21 year olds are experiencing the highest distress.

Headspace believes one of the main causes is the challenging transition after high school.

Ash Simpson, Headspace: “I think its a very pivotol point in time for a young person, they’re finishing high school, they’re either looking to get into university, or get into their first job, or move out of home. So it is a time in a young person’s life where the stresses do increase.”

Counsellors say these stresses develop at a much earlier age and treatment then could be more effective.

Bruce Tills, QUT Medical Centre: “So there’s a lot that could be done within the systems, that students are embedded in before they even get to university. A lot of things that we see here have a longer history than university.”

Headspace and other organisations, like the QUT Medical Centre offer a range of support services to those suffering from stress and other mental illnesses.

They urge young people to seek help.

Ash Simpson, Headspace: “Just starting that process, and talking to someone and getting that referral is the first step.”

Aleesha Buckby, QUT News.