Summer is fast approaching and authorities want the public to think now about preparing for the expected extreme weather conditions.

Georgie Hewson reports.


Queensland summer is the season for cyclones, bushfires, and flooding.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Qld Premier: “It’s time now for everyone to be prepared and get ready.”

Authorities warn, some of that extreme weather has already begun.

Bruce Gunn, Bureau of Meteorology: “We’re in the middle of the nothern bushfire season, we’ve already seeen the first severe thunderstoms of the season, and there’s already been an early season September tropical cyclone in the Fiji region.”

The Bureau released its Tropical Cyclone Outlook for the 20-18/19 season.

And while the risks are low:

Bruce Gunn, Bureau of Meteorology: “It only takes one tropical storm to make a season just like we saw with Tropical Cyclone Debbie in 2017.”

Emergency groups say there are new technologies people can use.

These are some of the items storm-ready Queenslanders are being urged to collect, But, enough water is often neglected.”

Water supply can be completely cut during an emergency. Storing three day’s supply is recommended.

Michelle Cull, Urban Utilities: “So as a general rule of thumb thats about 10 litres per person. And if you do have someone in your family that is more suceptible to diabetes, you should store a little more.”

And don’t forget another important member of your family.

Michael Beattie, RSPCA: “A dog will survive without food for a week probably, but without water and without shade, it could be dead in hours not weeks.”

Georgie Hewson, QUT News.