Queensland’s Gold Coast will be home to two giant film productions, each starting work this month. Politicians believe the movie boom will boost jobs and the economy.

Anna Graham reports.


Thousands of Australians will have the chance to work on two Hollywood blockbusters right here on the Gold Coast.

A tax break announced in this year’s federal budget has helped entice Godzilla versus Kong and Reef Break to Australia.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “What we’ve done as a government is to say lights, camera, action to jobs and small business on the Gold Coast.”

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is thrilled the productions are coming to Queensland.

She’d visited the U.S. twice this year Hoping to attract big budget productions.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland Premier: “it’s gonna create over a thousand jobs and I’m very pleased to see that Scott Morrison is coming on board with the State Government in terms of delivering this.”

The move is a huge boost for the Gold Coast economy.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “So I’m really positive about it. When you invest a hundred million dollars into the local economy, there’s only good news.”

Pre-production starts at the end of the month.

Anna Graham, QUT News.