Craig Lowndes and Steve Richards have won the Bathurst 1000 in a race that left fans cheering. David Reynolds fought to defend his title following last year’s win but was unable to hold off Lowndes.

Josh Stengert reports.


It’s a fairytale finish to a remarkable 22 year career in the front seat.

Veteran driver Craig Lowndes and his star co-driver Steve Richards took out the Bathurst 1000 a fitting win for Lowndes following the announcement of his retirement earlier this year.

Steve Richards, 2018 Bathurst 1000 Winner: “To do this on a weekend that Craig’s celebrating his last, you know, year as a full-time driver With the team and the trials and tribulations, it’s incredible.”

Lowndes put on a show taking the lead in the final 30 laps of the marathon 161-lap race.

Craig Lowndes, 2018 Bathurst 1000 Winner: “You sort of really feel like it happened because, you sort of, we had such a drama leading into the weekend and then of course the race unfolded for us, it really fell in our lap in the end.”

The golden duo now share 12 Bathurst wins between them.

Josh Stengert, QUT News.