Parents frazzled about heading back to school, had one more thing to worry about this morning. Brisbane City Council has restarted its campaign to tackle drivers who flaunt parking rules near schools.

Liam Kennedy reports.


The back to school crackdown saw 60 schools targeted in a bid to reduce congestion and boost safety.

Council says the blitz is more than just revenue raising.

Amanda Cooper, Infrastructure Committee Chairman: “Extra resources out there to really focus on those particular schools to make sure people are not parking illegally and that our children can get to and from the classroom safely.”

Councillor Cooper says safety is council’s paramount concern.

She says of more than 300 Brisbane schools, almost half have completed traffic management plans.

Amanda Cooper, Infrastructure Committee Chairman: “That’s about finding the right places for drop and go facilities it’s about putting in pedestrian refuges really making sure that the infrastructure is there.”

This isn’t the first time council has run a school traffic blitz.

Last school term Brisbane City Council carried out 335 patrols finding almost 500 drivers parked illegally it’s a costly mistake the average fine is $130.

Some parents are welcoming the crackdown saying it’s often hard to find parking at school time.

Vox Pop: “It definitely needs more parking if you want parking in the mornings for any reason you need to come at least half an hour before school starts.”

Vox Pop: “No issues for me. Normally find a park in the mornings so no dramas.”

Vox Pop: “Some days, it’s all right. Other days, it’s atrocious.”

Parents take note the campaign will run until the end of term.

Liam Kennedy QUT News.