A Wollongong woman found murdered in her home overnight, was being stalked before her death. Kristie Powell had told friends she repeatedly contacted police about her fears, but no action was taken.

James Hawes reports.


The thirty-nine year old’s body was found by a friend. She alerted police.

Brad Ainsworth,┬áDetective Inspector: “We’re treating it as a homicide no doubt, and we’re looking for a perpetrator that committed the crime.”

Police say Ms Powell had sustained significant injuries.

Near her body, but thankfully uninjured and unharmed, her five-month-old son.

Brad Ainsworth,┬áDetective Inspector: “He was taken to the hospital, he’s now in the care of his grandparents.”

In March, Ms Powell announced on Facebook that she was being stalked by a man who called himself “the Reaper”.

The alleged stalker sometimes sent her more than 100 messages a day, some of which included death threats.

At the time police did not deem him a significant threat.

Now, the victim’s social media posts are part of a murder investigation.

James Hawes, QUT News.