Sydney’s international Airport went into full emergency mode this morning. A Boeing 787, carrying more than 200 people, sent a ‘Mayday’saying it could run out of fuel.

Laura Lavelle reports.


United Airlines flight 839 had almost completed its flight from Los Angeles, when the pilot radioed for immediate clearance to land.

On board, 239 passengers, including 60-minutes reporter, Liz Hayes.

Ms Hayes told 9 News, passengers were completely unaware of the drama.

United 839 Passenger: “Very surprising, yeah. Everyone was calm, there was no panic, there was no announcement. I can’t explain, this is the first time I’m hearing about it.”

The Mayday triggered emergency ground response, but the jet landed safely.

Passengers wanted answers.

United 839 Passenger: “I’d like to know why we were short on fuel. Beforehand, they obviously should have done their checks and everything.”

United Airlines has released a statement, which says: “United Flight 839 from Los Angeles to Sydney landed safely, following a mechanical issue. All customers disembarked normally.”

The plane has been declared safe for its return to the United States.

Laura Lavelle, QUT News.