Brisbane residents are being encouraged to clean up their yards for storm season. The City Council has cut green waste costs for October, so more people can recycle.

Norma Hilton reports.


When summer storms hit, they can make quite a mess.

This year, Brisbane City Council wants residents to get ready early by cleaning up their yards now.

Adrian Schrinner, Acting Mayor: “In October, we’ve got two green tipping weekends, one this weekend and one in two weeks time. So there’s a couple of opportunities for people to get access to this.”

Along with free waste tipping, Council is waiving the $30 establishment fee for a green waste bin this month.

Adrian Schrinner, Acting Mayor: “There’s more than 91,000 households that already have a green waste bin and they see great value in this service. It’s a great way of keeping the property clean.”

More than 1,200 tonnes of garden waste was dumped last year. And the Acting Mayor is expecting thousands of residents to visit these centres.

But he has no concerns about the new $70 waste levy, introduced by the State Government earlier this year.

Adrian Schrinner, Acting Mayor: “We see no reason that rates would increases as a result of the levy. The costs would be covered and we will be working them to make sure that is the case.”

In the meantime, residents are being urged to tidy up and visit the dump this weekend.

Norma Hilton, QUT News.