Conjoined twins Nima and Dawa Pelden could undergo surgery to separate them, as early as next week. Doctors at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital are confident they can perform the operation successfully.

Liam Morton reports.


The twins, from Bhutan, are currently undergoing tests so their team of Australian surgeons can learn exactly what organs they share.

Dr Ian McKenzie, Anaesthetist: “Once we get the results for that we’ll be very keen to make a date and plan some surgery in the future.”

There are six surgeons and dozens of specialist nurses on standby waiting for the delicate operation to be given the green light.

Dr Joe Crameri, Surgeon: “At every moment there are challenges that might confront us that we’re not expecting but so far everything is going along the pathway.”

The Children’s First Foundation is conducting a large fundraising effort to offset the enormous medical costs.

Elizabeth Lodge, Childrens First Foundation: “If the public can still get behind us we’re just so grateful to the community.”

The twins will need it, as the operation is expected to cost $350,000.

Liam Morton, QUT News.