The Young Endeavour, a tall mast sailing ship, has docked in Brisbane. Twenty-six lucky trainees disembarked after the experience of their lives.

Alice Leggett reports.


The Young Endeavour has been sailing the high seas for 30 years, providing challenging voyages and incredible memories for adventurous young Australians.

Ryan Phelps, Youth Crew: “Pushed me to my limits, made me think of new ways, made me get everyone’s strengths and weaknesses together and build on that as well.”

Seventeen-year-old Nicole says it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

Nicole Lehmann, Youth Crew: “There were definitely some challenges. We got put in charge of the ship for 24 hours, so that was definitely a challenge.”

The crew’s parents are all on board.

Rob, parent: “It was an opportunity for her to do something outside her comfort zone.”

Jacqui, parent: “It’s wonderful having him back and hearing all his marvellous stories that he’s had on the holiday. He’s really loved every minute and I’m glad it’s made him happy.”

The ship’s captain says this latest 11-day voyage was successful.

Lieutenant Commander Andrew Callander, Captain: “I think 80% of the crew was under 18, but they performed extremely well. They gelled quite quickly once they got over their seasickness.”

Programs like Young Endeavour provide people with an opportunity most people don’t have access to.

Many of the selected crew had never sailed before but they still managed to get involved.

Seventeen-year-old Taylor recommends the trip.

Taylor Hodge, Youth Crew: “It was an amazing experience, go do it!”

The ship sets sail again in a few days with a new crew.

The Young Endeavour is now taking entries in its 2019 ballot online.

Alice Leggett, QUT News.