The NRL has announced a new interim captain for the Kangaroos. Greg Inglis has been suspended for two games after a drink driving charge and Vice Captain, Boyd Cordner, will take over.

James Hawes reports.


Test coach Mal Meninga made the captain’s call this morning.

Inglis is out for two test games, but not dumped for good.

And that’s partly because Australia’s head coach believes Greg Inglis has handled himself well since he was charged.

Mal Meninga, Australian Head Coach: “I thought he showed really good strong leadership skills yesterday in coming out and fronting it up and being accountable for his actions.”

Mal Meninga believes Inglis had a lapse of common sense.

Mal Meninga, Australian Head Coach: “He stuffed up, you know, he’s made a poor error of judgment and he’s paid the price for it.”

It’s been reported that Greg Inglis went back to his hotel for a sleep after the Koori Knockout competition in Dubbo, and that he didn’t drive for another 11 hours.

Meninga believes Inglis made an honest mistake.

Mal Meninga, Australian Head Coach: “I believe it was an error of judgment, ’cause he genuinely thought he was sober getting behind the wheel.”

Inglis is now looking forward to the matter being resolved.

Greg Inglis, Suspended Kangaroos Captain: “Once again I’m very apologetic and hopefully this will get resolved and we’ll move forward from now.”

James Hawes, QUT News.