One of Brisbane’s busiest and most popular parks is now easier to get to. A new ferry terminal has just opened, making New Farm Park an even more popular choice for the holidays.

Georgie Nichols reports.


It’s a public transport breakthrough, with the grand opening of Brisbane’s newest ferry terminal.

The New Farm terminal upgrade has doubled capacity, allowing two vessels to dock at once, catering for growing demand in the city’s ever-expanding river transport network.

Vox Pop 1: “Yeah it’s fantastic, I think the whole system’s great, you can just hop on and off.”

Vox Pop 2: “Yeah looks good. New, easy to get the pram off.”

It’s a big thumbs up from the Deputy Mayor.

Deputy Mayor Councillor, Adrian Schrinner:¬†“We’re making our public transport network more accessible for all people in Brisbane so that whether you have someone in a wheelchair, someone in a pram, they can access the public transport network.”

Councillor Vicki Howard says the new terminal will make it easier to get to the popular park.

Vicki Howard,¬†Central Ward Councillor: “I know that many people come by the river to enjoy that beautiful green space that we have right in the heart of our city so it’s a great day for us.”

Council are upgrading all ferry terminals to provide better access for everyone using its public transport network by 2022.

So far that’s a popular decision.

Vox Pop 3:¬†“It sounds excellent it’s very nice. Sounds like a great idea.”

Georgie Nichols, QUT News.