The Australian Army loves a parade, and today officers at Enoggera put on quite a show. The First Military Police battalion marked its official transition of command with an impressive display of discipline.

James Hawes reports.


Soldiers from the Army’s First Military Police battalion were on parade, marking their official transition from the 17th Brigade to the 6th.

Lt. Col. Nathan Pierpoint, 1st Military Police Battalion: “What it does is put us under the umbrella, so to speak, of a number of other similar capabilities and we can work more seamlessly on the battlefield.”

Steeped in tradition and formalities, the ceremony was livened up by the addition of military police dogs.

Standing guard at the outer edges, the highly trained and specialised Rottweilers stood to attention throughout the parade.

Lt. Col. l Nathan Pierpoint, 1st Military Police Battalion: “We like to try and get the dogs out as much as we can, it’s good for the people to see that the dogs are out there, get them to interact with the society and that sort of stuff, and who doesn’t love a dog?”

Since forming almost 20 years ago, the battalion has deployed officers, soldiers, and their dogs to Afghanistan, Iraq, East Timor, and the Solomon Islands.

Their duties include domestic and international law enforcement, as well as close personal protection for military officials.

The transition comes as part of a large Army restructuring program designed to modernise the organisation of the armed forces.

James Hawes, QUT News.