Greg Inglis has been suspended for Australia’s two-Test tour of New Zealand after being charged with drink driving and speeding. Earlier Inglis fronted the media but didn’t stand down.

Amy Wilson reports.


An apologetic Greg Inglis faced the media, hoping to explain his behaviour and hang on to his job.

Greg Inglis, Suspended Kangaroos Captain: “Yeah, firstly I’d like to apologise to the public, as a role model to the community, what I’ve been charged with is unacceptable.”

But denied it warranted his sacking.

Greg Inglis, Suspended Kangaroos Captain: “I don’t think I let my country down. I think I let a lot of people down because of where I stand in the game as a proud Indigenous role model and I think I’ve let a lot of kids down and a lot of people down in the sense of that community.”

The decorated league player returned a mid range reading of point zero eight five and was alleged to be going 10 kilometres over the speed limit when he was pulled over in Lithgow.

It came only hours after Mal Meninga named Inglis Australian captain.

Inglis cited 13 years of good behaviour and never having a criminal charge during his career as a reason to maintain his role.

Greg Inglis, Suspended Kangaroos Captain: “It was very disappointing. As soon as I left Lithgow Police Station it was very disappointing.”

The star player had his license suspended and is due to appear in court in November.

Amy Wilson, QUT News.