Brisbane’s annual Riverfire event is 21 this year. It’s more popular than ever but not we are warned with animals.

Ysabelle Alesna reports.


An explosion of colour.

Saturday night, eleven tonnes of fireworks will light up the sky.

But that can spell danger for pets.

Michael Beatty, RSPCA spokesperson: “The problem is some animals, dogs in particular are what we call stormphobic, they have a phobia towards fireworks.”

Michael says pets in inner city apartments, closest to the fireworks, are of particular concern.

Michael Beatty, RSPCA spokesperson: “Take them inside, put them in a closed room, maybe turn the radio on, put their toys around them, just make certain they can’t get out.”

The Australian Defence Force will thrill the crowd with breath-taking aerial displays over the Brisbane River and police are reminding people to take extra care travelling to the CBD.

Superintendent Virginia Nelson, Riverfire Commander: “Actually South Bank itself will be a closed-off area. There’ll be no alcohol in that area permitted. So there’ll be security as well as police in that area as well. And we just ask people to be mindful it’s a family friendly event.”

It’s expected at least half a million people will arrive to watch Riverfire 2018.

The action kicks off at 2:45 And despite the Bureau’s prediction of possible rain, if you want a front row seat tomorrow, you’ll need to pick your vantage spot early.

Ysabelle Alesna, QUT News.