It’s been a solemn day for police around the nation. They’ve paused to pay tribute to fallen officers, as one of their own fights for his life.

Missy Drage reports.


For police, it’s one of the most sombre days of the year.

Officers marched through city streets, with the support of family and the local community, to honour the fallen.

Then to a memorial service at St John’s Cathedral.

Ian Stewart, Police Commissioner: “It is an important day to pause, honour, remember and thank those police officers whose lives have been lost while performing their duties.

One hundred and forty seven officers have been killed in the line of duty since 1861.

It’s also 100 years since 12 officers died on active service during World War 1, their names read out.

Ian Stewart, Police Commissioner: “…Sergeant Jack Fitzgerald, Sergeant Harry Wells…”

The Police Minister says officers risk their lives to protect and serve.

Mark Ryan, Queensland Police Minister: “We do our best every single day. The guarantee we’ve got is we do our best to keep officers safe and the community safe.”

Australians can show their support for police by buying a blue ribbon from any station, and people across Australia have joined police in what was a national day, with services held in every city.

Missy Drage, QUT News.