Dedicated West Coast fans have been flying in or driving across the Nullabor all week to support their favourite AFL team, and Collingwood supporters were there already and waiting for a parade through Melbourne.

Cynthia Taylu reports.


SOT: Helicopter Noise

Beside the Grand final it’s one of the biggest days of the year for teams and die hard supporters.

Those barracking for other teams now have to pick a side to support.

Many Melbournians love to hate Collingwood. But turned out anyway for the parade of open topped cars, and the best players in the game.

Vox Pop 1: “10 O’clock we were here, yeah, waiting so yeah, can’t wait to see them. I’m very happy and excited, yeah I’m just hoping that they can win it for me so that I can ink some more.”

It’s estimated 17,000 West Coast fans will shout the MCG down.

VoxPop 2: “I drove all the way, slept in the car. We are dedicated, I did say on the way over, they bloody well better win because it’s a long way.”

The parade finished at Yarra Park right outside the AFL grand final site, where the game will unfold.

Team leaders presented the premiership to an adoring crowd, but the shared moment will be short lived as only one team can take home the trophy tomorrow night.

Cynthia Taylu, QUT News.