Research shows tourists spend $21 billion on food and wine alone in Australia every year and exhibitors at the annual Brisbane food and wine expo want a share of it.

Daiyna Odgaard reports.


Foodies are out in force at the Brisbane Showgrounds.

The international and Australian food and wines there are set to inspire.

Melanie Townsend, Vanilla Zulu Chef: “Well I think it’s just a beautiful opportunity for like minded foodies to come and enjoy all the beautiful local produce, also maybe get some inspiration, learn something new and live happily ever after in the kitchen.”

Exhibitors want to sell Queensland produce to the world and locals.

Craig Matthews, Expo Director: “It’s all about Queensland local growers and producers. Lot of wine companies here lots of food growers, a lot of the smaller boutique companies all giving them a platform to show there product to the local Queensland.”

It’s a multi billion dollar industry growing every year through shows like this.

Simon Berry, Kingsley Grove Estate: “It’s important for us being in Brisbane this is obviously our target market and it helps us bring exposure not just to our brand but what Queensland wineries are doing these days.”

Some have traveled hundreds of kilometres just to sample the food.

Vox Pop 1: “We just came down from Townsville to have a look. We heard it was on and flew down for the weekend.”

Vox Pop 2: “These things are the best chocolates in the world.”

They”ll be sampling the best until Sunday.

It’s the event where you can get a glass of wine, a hot-dog and a prawn peeler. There’s certainly no lack of variety here. The event is geared for a busy weekend ahead with guests’ hardest choice being what to try next.

Daiyna Odgaard, QUT News.