Brisbane’s CBD turned yellow today for Australia’s Biggest Duck Race. Money from the event goes to cancer research.

Alex Brewster reports.


There were yellow t-shirts, yellow hats, and of course a big yellow duck called ‘quacker.’

Next month 40,000 little quackers will be poured into the Brisbane River for a good cause, the PA Hospital’s Research Foundation.

The Foundation CEO says the work they do concerns all of us.

Damian Topp, PA Research Foundation CEO: “One in two will be affected by cancer at some time in our life, it’s going to affect everyone of us, whether we’re diagnosed directly or it’ll be one of our friends or family members.”

One duck can be purchased for five dollars, or if you’re feeling generous, a fleet of one hundred for $3000.

The first-placed duck on October 14 wins its owner $25,000 or a new car.

Organisers are encouraging people to ‘duck’ out of work and buy a ticket.

Vox pop 1: “We all know someone that’s been affected by cancer in some way or another.”

Vox pop 2: “It’s really important that the local community gets behind causes such as Australia’s Biggest Duck Race, to make sure that we’re funding new research.”

The PA helped discover the world’s first cancer vaccine, Gardasil, already given to more than two hundred million women worldwide.

Organisers will be looking to beat the $120,000 raised last year.

They say the more we can support our doctors and nurses, the more life saving treatments will become available.

Alex Brewster, QUT News.