Chaos continues in the upper echelon of the ABC with some calls for the whole board to be reviewed. Doctor Kirstin Ferguson, a current member and a professor at QUT business school, is set to become the interim chair.

Kendyl Bailey reports.


The Prime Minister will nominate Doctor Ferguson to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Justin Milne.

Although the paperwork seemed to misspell her name.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “I’ll be recommending, to the Governor General, the appointment of Doctor Kristen (sic) Ferguson as the Deputy Chair of the ABC.”

The appointment comes after an unprecedented week of chaos at the ABC.

It began with the sacking of managing director Michelle Guthrie.

Then chairman Justin Milne resigned amid allegations he called for the firing of two high-profile journalists to appease the government.

Despite the resignation, Mr Milne denies there was any political interference.

Justin Milne, ABC Former Chairman: “I have never sent an email to Michelle Guthrie, or anybody else, which says: “you must sack Emma Alberici or Andrew Probyn or anybody else”.

But emails published by Fairfax media suggest otherwise.

It’s claimed Mr Milne wrote: “After two glasses of red, of course there is an agenda. They fricken hate her. Get rid of her.”

And apparently the Board was aware of the messages before Guthrie’s dismissal.

John Hewson, Former Liberal Leader: “The Management and Board are in disarray. I mean they misjudged their charter and their responsibilities. I think it’s a question of culture.”

The Labor Party and the Greens want a full senate inquiry into the ABC issues.

Kendyl Bailey, QUT News.