Queensland’s largest bike ride, the Brisbane to Gold Coast Challenge, is just weeks away. And there’ll be one competitor pedalling three, rather than two wheels.

Rebecca Durrant reports.


It’s a cart, it’s a carriage, it’s a Green Cab!

And it’s riding to the Gold Coast.

Cyclist Sean Bennett will be one of 5,000 riders in this year’s challenge.

Friend and fellow cyclist, Zac Matheson will help.

Sean Bennett, Green Cab Rider: “Zac and I are looking forward to it, we think it’s going to be a fun day riding. 50km each, we’re going to share the business of pedalling at the front.”

Challenge participants were met with large amounts of rain last year, which could be a problem for Sean.

Sean Bennett, Green Cab Rider: “If any of you remember, the Brisbane to Gold Coast last year was highlighted by heavy rain and localised flash flooding. Green Cabs, we can’t go out in weather like that, so if it is raining, I’m afraid I’m going to have to fall back on something more reliable like the unicycle.”

Bicycle Qld’s C.E.O. says Sean is a much loved character.

Anne Savage, Bicycle Queensland CEO: “We love people like Sean and what they bring to our events, so they really create a colourful atmosphere that everybody can enjoy.”

The Bicycle Challenge has raised millions of dollars in the last ten years.

This year they hope to raise money for five different charities.

All cyclists will finish with live music, great food and the feeling of triumph.

Rebecca Durrant, QUT News.