Brisbane public servants are up in arms over the latest wage bargaining. They claim they’ve been offered zero per cent.

Ysabelle Alesna reports.


A sea of purple and the cries of Brisbane public servants echoing in the CBD demanding a fair and decent wage offer.

The Australian Service Union secretary says the protests send a clear message to the Palaszczuk government.

Aex Scott, Australian Services Union: “Today is an important part of a larger campaign. It’s about making sure parts of the public service to have their voices heard.”

Union delegates are angry and feel insulted.

Vox Pop: “We demand a fair deal from the government, we deserve a respectful offer that reflects our essential role in the public service and as queensland workers.”

Rally participants say other levels of government have had a pay rise, yet despite being the core workers they’ve been shunned.

Cameron Watson, Public Sector Organiser: “It means this group of workers is getting a zero per cent wage offer which equates to nothing on top of wage to keep up with grocery fuel prices and energy.”

The Australian Service Union plans to continue work bans and rallies throughout October to keep pressure on the Palaszsczuk goverment.

Ysabelle Alesna, QUT News.