Queensland’s opposition is again backing a new arterial road connecting Brisbane and the Gold Coast. They say their plan is far cheaper than Labor’s.

Kendyl Bailey reports.


The M1 is fast becoming crippled by gridlock and accidents.

So, the Queensland Opposition is proposing an entirely new corridor.

Tim Mander, Deputy Opposition Leader: “The only solution to this congestion is to build another M1.”

The Local MP agrees.

Michael Crandon, Coomera MP: “It’s a car park every morning. From five-thirty in the morning, right the way through until probably eight-thirty or even nine o’clock. So from that perspective we need it fixed sooner rather than later.”

They say priority should be given to the 36km stretch between Stapylton and Nerang.

Labor says that would cost $2.4 Billion. The LNP puts it at a lot less.

Tim Mander, Deputy Opposition Leader: “The estimates that have come in initially as around %500 million. That’s come from the South East Queensland Council of Mayors.”

Either way, the LNP maintains upgrades alone are insufficient.

The argument is that a second M1 is needed to relieve pressure on the Pacific Motorway, which is used by more than 150,000 vehicles every day.

Locals say a new road could bolster business, particularly in the Coomera-Ormeau region, where congestion causes huge delays.

Brett Reddell, Local Real Estate Agent: “For me, in real estate, to see that happen sooner than later is going to be a big bonus for the area.”

But we’ll have to wait for the LNP to win the next election before it can deliver on their commitment.

Kendyl Bailey, QUT News.